Monday, February 8, 2010

Neighborhood Litter Box

Sorry local cats, I've finally gotten around to cleaning and removing the sand from our sandbox and starting fresh! We accidentally left the lid off Clara's turtle sandbox last summer for about a week and of course, stray cats used it as a potty. I scooped out the old sand and scrubbed the whole thing well with vinegar. I bought 2 new bags of play sand at Walmart for $2.97 a piece.

Now we just have to wait for the sand to dry and I'll let Clara test it out! This ol' turtle has been good to us. We actually got it off craigslist for $10 with sand included! I think it's $35 brand new at Walmart. We are ready for Spring!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trampoline and Things

I am restarting my blog today that I started last year. I wish I had started and kept one sooner so I have a place to write about all the little things that go on with my family. Hopefully I can keep this up so I have memories for later..

Today we visited a friends house out in Maricopa and lucky for Clara they have a big trampoline for all the kids to play on. She actually figured out how to jump on it today! Hopefully soon when we buy a home that has a private backyard we can buy her one, too. Our town home is basically a patio home so we don't have any private outdoor space. Speaking of which we have been keeping our eyes peeled for homes but have not found one yet. We will probably seriously start looking in the next few months.

It would be nice to start a vegetable garden and also finally get my worm compost going ;-)