Wednesday, December 21, 2011

First Loaf!

To follow up my previous post, I wanted to let you all know how my loaf came out. My setup was pretty simple. I used my trusty ol' cast iron skillet (think rapunzel!) in the middle of the oven. Then I put an empty roasting pan below it for the hot water. I don't have a pizza peel or anything fancy so I just used what I had.

It turned out AMAZING! Perfectly crunchy crust with an gooey bready doughy center perfect for a nice big pat of salty butter! I was shocked at how good it turned out.

I ate one too many pieces so I told myself I wouldn't make it for awhile. A week later....

I used up the rest of the dough for a larger loaf to pair it with last night's dinner, organic creamy tomato soup! Hubby and I enjoyed a hot bowl of soup with fresh from the oven bread. It doesn't get any better.. good company, good food.. life is good to me! 

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